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My artwork is featured on Convention Scene. This is Awesome to be featured in Scene on the Web: Long Beach Comic and Horror Con 2012. Go check it out here: http://www.conventionscene.com/2012/11/07/scene-on-the-web-long-beach-comic-and-horror-con-2012/

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Here is Joker on a Batman blank cover illustrated with @copicmarker at @LongBeach_CC this weekend.


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I have an Exclusive Limited Print for @StanLeeComikaze . Limited to 50 w/text & 50 without text. Stop by table 1340 to get this limited print.


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Come out and meet the team behind Tales of Blood & Fire: The Gideon Todd Chronicles this weekend. We will be at table 1340. While your there also see the my exclusive 2012 Stan Lee Comikaze Expo Poster.


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Here is my 2012 Stan Lee Comikaze Expo poster design.


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The car was packed and ready to go….now it was time for Tony and I to pick up Semion and head down to Anaheim for WonderCon.

Friday stared with a bang. I ran into friends of the family that I haven’t see in many years. What better place to run into Michelle and Tina after all these years. Michelle was exhibiting and Tina was there to help her. After I ran into Michelle and Tina , I made I way into the convention hall with Tony and Semion to set up the table. Friday had the best crowd energy from the time the doors opened to the end of the day. Nothing like a positive energy vibe for the start of a convention. After Friday’s show we went to have dinner with Lance and Amy Sawyer.

Saturday was extremely busy as expected. Stayed at the table most of the day. I did have a change to venture out to see all my friends exhibiting. So many people in the convention hall made it hard to get around. After seeing all my friends, I made it back to my table and worked on a few commissions. I also worked on 501ST Legion Artist Series sketch cards for Star Wars Celebration VI, 2012. After the convention was over, we headed to hang out with Dan Mendoza, Jason Metcalf, Lindsey Lea and Jason Martin.

Sunday brought a great breakfast of tamales and coffee from Donnie, Patty and DJ. One of the most hospitable family I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. After an awesome breakfast it was time to head down for the last day of the convention. Parking was crazy busier than any other day and we had to park at Angle Statium. Sunday was also extremely busy. Sunday flew by very fast…before I knew it the convention was over. I also scored a donation from Michelle Mauk for the Baby Leah auction. A Hugh THANK YOU to Michelle for the donation!!!

Already looking forward to next years WonderCon!!!

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WOW!!! I have been looking forward to this convention since April. It was such an honor and privilege to be a guest for this convention. Not only was I a guest,  but I also designed one of the promotional posters used to promote Comikaze Expo.

The convention had the best energy and excitement that I’ve seen this whole year. When I arrived on Saturday to set up my table there was a huge line of people waiting to get in.  And once the crowd was let in the energy lasted until the convention closed. It was fantastic being in the artists alley tables 38-40 with Lance & Amy Sawyer, Dan & Jennifer Mendoza, Jennifer Kirkpatrick Romo, Tony English, Semion Sellers IV and myself.

Sunday also brought the exact same feeling. As always one of my favorite parts of the convention was all the awesome costumes. I also scored an early birthday present for myself with Copic Sketching Set of Gray Markers!  It was also great seeing Mike Mayhew, Zen, Emo Gonzales, George Chase, Destiny Chase, Jeff Martinez, George Avecedo, Brenna Rhea, and Copic Markers!

Regina and the Comikaze staff did an excellent job marketing and taking great care of the exhibitors! Other conventions push the Artists and Indie Creators to the front, back and sides of the Exhibitor Floor, not Comikaze. Love the fact that the Indie Creators and Artists were the main focus on the Exhibitors Floor!  Other conventions should take note of this and do the same. Without the artists you wouldn’t have comics, posters, merchandise or movies.

Thanks to all the friends, family and convention attendees who stopped by my table!!!

And A Huge Thanks to Regina for everything!!!

Comikaze Expo set out to Invade Los Angeles and they definitely did that!!!


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The Long Beach Comic Con was a blast. This year brought George Chase, Lance Sawyer, Amy Sawyer, Ryan Kincaid, Dan Mendoza, Kevin Woody, Tony English, Semion Sellers IV and myself  in a row of tables 1108-1113. Always great to be surrounded by such awesome creative people.

Both Saturday and Sunday had a steady flow of attendees all day. The crowd all day was full of excitement. On Saturday there was an art auction to benefit The Heroes Initiative and Long Beach Cinematheque. For these great charities there was some great artwork donate by Peter Nguyen, Kevin Eastman, Dave Dorman, Lance Sawyer, Ryan Kinkaid, Kevin Woody, Dan Mendoza and myself to name a few. I was also able to donate original Darth Talon artwork to the 501st Legion to help Baby Leah.

On Sunday,  I saw Seth Green roaming the convention floor. Sunday also brought a surprise interview with @FandomPlanet covering my comic Tales of Blood & Fire. A Hugh Thanks to George Chase & Amy Sawyer for helping us out!!!  You Both ROCK!!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my  table!

Martha & Phil,  Thanks for putting on a great convention!


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The LA Invasion is almost here. Stop by table 95 to see me and the poster I designed for the show.

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Here is the black & white artwork behind the Comikaze Expo Poster. I’ve also included the color version without the text.


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