WOW!!! I have been looking forward to this convention since April. It was such an honor and privilege to be a guest for this convention. Not only was I a guest,  but I also designed one of the promotional posters used to promote Comikaze Expo.

The convention had the best energy and excitement that I’ve seen this whole year. When I arrived on Saturday to set up my table there was a huge line of people waiting to get in.  And once the crowd was let in the energy lasted until the convention closed. It was fantastic being in the artists alley tables 38-40 with Lance & Amy Sawyer, Dan & Jennifer Mendoza, Jennifer Kirkpatrick Romo, Tony English, Semion Sellers IV and myself.

Sunday also brought the exact same feeling. As always one of my favorite parts of the convention was all the awesome costumes. I also scored an early birthday present for myself with Copic Sketching Set of Gray Markers!  It was also great seeing Mike Mayhew, Zen, Emo Gonzales, George Chase, Destiny Chase, Jeff Martinez, George Avecedo, Brenna Rhea, and Copic Markers!

Regina and the Comikaze staff did an excellent job marketing and taking great care of the exhibitors! Other conventions push the Artists and Indie Creators to the front, back and sides of the Exhibitor Floor, not Comikaze. Love the fact that the Indie Creators and Artists were the main focus on the Exhibitors Floor!  Other conventions should take note of this and do the same. Without the artists you wouldn’t have comics, posters, merchandise or movies.

Thanks to all the friends, family and convention attendees who stopped by my table!!!

And A Huge Thanks to Regina for everything!!!

Comikaze Expo set out to Invade Los Angeles and they definitely did that!!!


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