Exhibiting At Conventions 101

Do you attend a lot of conventions? Have you ever wanted to exhibit at one of them? Well, what’s been stopping you? Join The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 13, from 7pm-9pm, as we present: Exhibiting At Conventions 101, a panel about how to find your footing as a beginning exhibitor amidst the convention chaos. Join Russell Nohelty, Paola Olivares, Jeff Victor, and Pepe Melan as they discuss their experiences of starting out, the strategy behind selling and marketing, and the basic pros and cons of convention life. Exhibiting doesn’t have to be a daunting process! Take the creative plunge. Be the one behind the booth! 

RSVP: info@si-la.org 

Non-members: $10 

Non-member students: $5 

Members get in FREE!

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