Today marks two years since my dad passed away and returned to the oneness of life. Passing on June 7 might not seem to significant to most just another day, but for me it was the day my life hero was born and his name is Prince. So of all the days my dad could pass and return to the oneness of life on Prince’s Birthday is very powerful for me. A wink from the universe that there is more going on in life than you could imagine. 

Caregiving for my dad was both a blessing, extremely difficult and exhausting. I learned a great many things about my dads life that I didn’t know before. It’s hard seeing your loved ones struggle when they are ill. When my dad passed it was dark and in the early hours of the morning. Right before my dad passed I saw a light so bright that it lite up the whole living room that I wondered who turned on a lights so bright and then a couple of seconds it went back to being dark. A few minutes went by and my dad passed and was back with the oneness of life. In that moment I know Prince was there saying your son asked me to come and meet you, its time to go. These Prince songs Purple Rain and Into the Light have such a deeper meaning for me now than they ever have had in my life, because when I hear them they remind me of two people whom had a profound impact on my life. I Love and miss them both!!