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Picked up this Iron Man Sketch Cover last Friday and was inspired to lay down pencils to it. Here is the finished up pencils. Looking forward to adding color to this in the near future.


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Exhibiting At Conventions 101

Do you attend a lot of conventions? Have you ever wanted to exhibit at one of them? Well, what’s been stopping you? Join The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 13, from 7pm-9pm, as we present: Exhibiting At Conventions 101, a panel about how to find your footing as a beginning exhibitor amidst the convention chaos. Join Russell Nohelty, Paola Olivares, Jeff Victor, and Pepe Melan as they discuss their experiences of starting out, the strategy behind selling and marketing, and the basic pros and cons of convention life. Exhibiting doesn’t have to be a daunting process! Take the creative plunge. Be the one behind the booth! 

RSVP: info@si-la.org 

Non-members: $10 

Non-member students: $5 

Members get in FREE!

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In between commissions and projects I’ve been laying down pencils on sketch covers to paint in the future when time permits. Here is the finished Savage Opress pencils.

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Remembering my life hero today! Prince has had a profound impact on my life in so many ways. When creating my personal artwork or working on commissions, Prince is a huge part of my creative process. Listening to his music helps to fuel my creativity. I remember discovering his music during Junior High School. The Controversy Album was out at that time. I listened to it and has hooked instantly to his purple punk funk music. I’m definitely blessed to have seen him in concert many manny times!

This year I have an Art Gallery Exhibit currently running and couldn’t think of a better exclusive piece to create than the combination of comic books and Prince, two of my favorite influences in life. Here is one version of Partyman 2.0 created in honor of my life hero! 

Happy 60th Birthday Prince!

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Today marks two years since my dad passed away and returned to the oneness of life. Passing on June 7 might not seem to significant to most just another day, but for me it was the day my life hero was born and his name is Prince. So of all the days my dad could pass and return to the oneness of life on Prince’s Birthday is very powerful for me. A wink from the universe that there is more going on in life than you could imagine. 

Caregiving for my dad was both a blessing, extremely difficult and exhausting. I learned a great many things about my dads life that I didn’t know before. It’s hard seeing your loved ones struggle when they are ill. When my dad passed it was dark and in the early hours of the morning. Right before my dad passed I saw a light so bright that it lite up the whole living room that I wondered who turned on a lights so bright and then a couple of seconds it went back to being dark. A few minutes went by and my dad passed and was back with the oneness of life. In that moment I know Prince was there saying your son asked me to come and meet you, its time to go. These Prince songs Purple Rain and Into the Light have such a deeper meaning for me now than they ever have had in my life, because when I hear them they remind me of two people whom had a profound impact on my life. I Love and miss them both!!


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I finally got around to cleaning out my art satchel from Comic Con Revolution and came across this illustration I did of my character Nyx. I’ve been contemplating on getting these type of sketch boards to have at conventions. The surface of this sketch board takes ink and maker great. 

A few art friends have these sketch boards and thought they are a great way to art on but the surface of theirs didn’t look like it took ink and makers well. Kinda like the sketch covers that are out that did not take ink or marker well and that’s why I started painting on sketch covers. From experimenting with this sketch board I’m definitely leaning toward getting some printed.

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Here is a Deadpool Sketch Cover pencils all finished up. Hoping to add paint to this between current projects.

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