It’s an honor and privilege to be part of this amazing project. There is this deep connection to life like nothing else when your giving back to the world to be a better place with the talents and abilities you have. 

Crowdfunding on INDIEGOGO starts in 5 days. Let’s get this comic book funded, please share and help get the word about this project. 

BOUNDLESS #1: A benefit comic for cancer research and treatment.

This Horizon Comics project is brought to life by Writers: Nathan Armentrout & Roger May • Artists: Ray-Anthony Height & Chris Johnson • Inkers: Brian Lopez-Santos & David Arroyo • Lettering & Graphic Production: Pepe Melan

What started as a 24-Hour Comic Day Project …

This project began as a fun challenge to produce a comic book, but in the process of making it we realized that the story itself provided an opportunity to do something truly special: Help fund the fight against an evil disease. Come on, let’s team up and kick cancer’s ass.

Don’t just get in on the ground floor – come fly with us!–2/coming_soon 

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