A family is need of help! They lost their Spouse/Dad  when he went out for a night of fishing with a childhood friend, which he did before in the past. He never came home, his boat was found flipped over. He left behind his Fiance and 3 children.

So when I saw a tweet from @BettieB other day, I clicked on the link to get more information about the lost life of a loved one. After reading the information, I wanted to help with this cause. So I contacted Bettie about donating an original piece of art to raise money for the  Delarosa Family.

The theme that Bettie and Mitch had started was redesigning Wonder Woman, no pants allowed here. This sparked a fire of inspiration in me to come up with a design. I see Wonder Woman as a beautiful, strong, fierce, warrior that could rival any man she comes across in battle.  I see her leaving Paradise Island with the outfit most warriors would wear when exploring new worlds. I wanted to keep the general feel of her original costume but with the added twist of it being an suite of armor.

The original piece of artwork is 11×17 on Strathmore Illustration board. Rendered in ink and black acrylic wash.

The artwork will be available for sale in the next few days.

In the mean time, please tell all your friends and family now is your chance to get a Pepe Melan original one of a kind piece of artwork.


More information can be found here: http://bettiebreitweiser.tumblr.com/