Great neighbors always make conventions go by fast. My neighbor to the left of me was fellow comic creator, artist/writer and friend Jason Martin of Super Real Graphics. I had the pleasure of metting Jason last year at Wizard Chicago Comic Con. Jason shared his table with Dan Mendoza of Toxic Candie . My neighbor to the right of me was John & Shelagh Lustig of the web comic Last Kiss.

During the show I met some awesome new exhibitors, comic creators, writers and artist at the show.  All of them are very talented people. It’s always fascinating to see all the different styles of art. On Saturday there was an after hour drink & draw pow wow with fellow creators, writers, artist, and radio hosts. The theme of the night was pirates. Thanks to Lace Sawyer for the invite and hospitality.

Saturday also brought a surprise visit by Sean Galloway who stopped by to say hi and see how thing were going. Sean always has a way of motivating and inspiring me. Always great to see Sean.

One of my favorite parts of con’s are all the great costumes. Most people don’t realize how much time and dedication go into making these costumes. I have a deep appreciation for them since I have made some of my own costumes.

Lastly, I  was very pleased, I had some time to make my way over to a few of my favorite artists who have influenced my art style, Mike Mayhew, Arthur Suydam and Tim Bradstreet not just great artists, but awesome down to earth people. I can’t wait to have their original art hanging in my office. While I was making my around the show I stopped by David H. Lawrence (Eric Doyle in Heroes) table for a quick chat. While I was there, I was able to get a picture and share my self-published book with him. He was very friendly and polite. Thanks for the picture David.