Happy Halloween! Go out, suit up and bring the party to Halloween!!

I Love You 3,000


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The Twisted Fate Lanyards have arrived and will be added to my website store soon. These were created to go with the release of Unique Realm Illustrated Issue #2 featuring Twisted Fate which will be going to print soon. 

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Twisted Fate coffee mugs will be available at conventions and in my website store soon.

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Happy New Year!!!

A huge thank you to everyone for your continued support with my art! I hope you all have an amazing 2019 of success and prosperity!!!

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Here is the Prince portrait illustration pencils all finished up. Can’t decide if I want to traditionally paint this or scan and digitally paint. I like the way the pencils came out so I’m leaning more towards scanning and digitally paint with limited colors.

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Dig if you will the picture

Of you and I engaged in a kiss

Happy Halloween!!!


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It been over a week now and it’s still a sad time for me personally. One of my heroes passed on and returned back to the oneness of spirit. I would tell people I liked Prince and they would always say that weirdo, really. Just like my comic collecting, toy collecting and cartoon/animation watching, I would get the same reaction when I told them Prince was my favorite musician.

He inspired me in many ways and will continue to until it’s my time to leave the physical realm. I always wanted to design an album cover for him but never had the chance, I did get to do graphic designs for his nightclub Glam Slam in Los Angeles which was a dream come true.

Here’s a little insight from one of my favorite songs Into the Light by Prince

“And for every flower that grows, even a baby knows

That as sure as the candle burns Every soul must return Into the light, into the light”
Thank you for sharing your artistry with this world wether it be acting, fashion, or music!


2016 Prince Space Guitar03A

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Here is the finished painted DK III Sketch Cover Artwork.


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Here’s my annual Christmas card design for this year. What started out as a way to say thank you to my clients for their business has turned into an annual tradition. Everyone from clients, fans, friends and family look forward to seeing what this years card design will bring.

I hope everyones holidays are filled with magic, peace and love that this season brings and that it carries over into the upcoming New Year ahead!!!


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Here is a Joker painted sketch cover that I recently finished.

Joker Cards Sketch Cover01A

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