I’ve been busy working on charity artwork donations so this post is a little late. Better late than never!

Comic-Con 2011 seemed busier and more crowded this year from Preview Night to Sunday. At times the sea of people was a little scary.

Thursday was a day of walking the floor and stopping to chat with friends who were exhibiting. The friends were able to see on Thursday were Sean Galloway, Ryan Benjamin, Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza, Ryan Kincade, Jessa Hinton and Tiffany Taylor. Thursday night also brought us to an invite by Comikazy Expo to The Generalissimo’s Invasion Excelsior Extravaganza! Great party they threw!!! I felt very honored to be invited to the event.

Friday morning was spent seeing the Venture Brothers panel. From there we went to lunch with Abe, a long time friend of the family. After lunch we continued walking the Exhibitor floor and were able to see more friendsĀ  Ben Templesmith, Dave Seeley and Emo. I also across a fellow comic creator friends Zen and Jamilyn Parks while walking the Exhibitor floor.

Saturday was a day of frustration as we tried to by tickets for next years Comic-Con. Key word tried. When we got to the hotel before the time stated in the information guide. We found out that people had started lining up the night before to be in line to get next years tickets. We also found out they were only taking the first 2,400 and they were already inside the hotel waiting to get their tickets. So that threw the whole day off. The rest of the day was spent walking and seeing all of the Exhibitors Hall. I was finally able to see and talk with Simone’ Bianchi. The ink wash technique Simone’ uses influenced me to use the same approach on my indie book. I was able to get a picture with Simone’. It’s in the gallery below.

Sunday was a short day for us. Walked the floor and said our goodbyes to all our friends. I also got a picture with Ben Templesmith. After about 4 hours on the Exhibitors floor we headed home.