What an important event to be part of. When I was younger I didn’t like reading. When I discovered comic books that all changed. Reading with pictures attached with words helped me develop my imagination. There was always a word in an issue I was reading, that I would have to ask my mother what that word meant. Trying to figure out what a words definition was helped to develop my vocabulary by leaps and bounds. From comics I went on to eventually read anything and every thing especially novels.

When I pulled into the driveway to Bases Cards & Comics there was already people waiting to get in. While set up was taking place, people kept trying to come in and get their free comics. They eagerly waited for the clock to reach 10 am. When the doors opened up the line went out the door from the time the doors opened until I left at 4 pm with customers still coming. After customers choose their free comics they wandered around the shop looking at all the cards, toys, poster and comics the shop has for sale. At my table I had prints, comics, and sketch cards available for sell. My portfolio was also on display for customer to get a chance to see original art.

The best part of the day was talking with the customer who had question about making their own comic to life. The young people I talked to are very impressive, they already have their characters developed and a story to go with them. Other ones drew their own characters. It’s awesome for them to see a person living community doing what they want to do. It makes it more believable.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table for a chat. I appreciate the support.

A big thank you to the Bases Cards & Comics staff; Rob, Janice and James for letting me participate at this special event. I look forward to next year.