Here is WIP03 for Bounty Hunters Sketch Cover featuring Boba Fett

I started this stage by outlining the jet pack with Faber-Castell PITT artist pens. Then I started painting on the middle green section of the rocket along with the silver and orange areas. With those areas finished I moved to painting the top green and silver areas. From there I moved to the maroon, orange and silver parts to finish this area.

From there I moved to the painting the large rusted aqua green area. Then I painted the silver rusted and worn areas and moved to painting the bottom of the rocket. I achieved the worn look by building up layers by going back and forth slowly until I got the look I wanted to achieve.


Here is WIP02 for Bounty Hunters Sketch Cover featuring Boba Fett

I started by outlining the helmet area with Faber-Castell PITT artist pens. Next up I started painting the top green of the helmet first and then moved on to painting the scratches & dents.

From there I painted the viewplate. With the viewplate done, I then painted the maroon area of the visor and then the scratched up areas. Next, I painted the green lower section of the the helmet and then the dents & scratches. Lastly came time to paint the side silver areas and the rangefinder to finish this stage.


Here is WIP01 for Bounty Hunters Sketch Cover featuring Boba Fett

I started by masking off Boba Fett with tracing paper. Next up I painted in the background using a combo of brushes and small sponges. To achieve the look I was going for, I had to go back an forth layering all the different mixture of colors. Form the splatter effect I used Liquitex Free Style Splatter Brush. Once it was completed I removed tracing paper I used to mask off all the areas.

Twisted Fate Holo Sticker

Super excited to share this with you. I got this new Twisted Fate Holo Sticker in today. I will be adding this and some other Twisted Fate swag to my website store soon.

Mando and Grogu Figure Photography

Here is a little something different from my usual art posts. I picked up both the Mando and Grogu Star Wars Black Series figures a little bit ago.

Since Mando carries Grogu in a satchel type bag I decided to give it a try to make a cloth one myself. It took me a few tries to get it to look right. The cape that comes with figures are terrible. The one that came with Mando are no different. It knocks off both the jet pack and riffle. Plus it’s not posable. So I decided to make a cloth posable cape for Mando. It took me 6 tries to get the cape right.

Here’s a shot of the figures with the finished satchel bag and posable cape.

Gorgu Stickers

Look what came in a little while ago….Grogu (aka: Baby Yoda) Stickers. I will be adding these to my store soon.


Got some new Twisted Fate swag in the other day. This time in the form of an acrylic pin. I will be adding this to my store soon.


My name is Grogu

You see I’m a little yodie

I zoom around the Outer Rime with my Mando Daddy

Everywhere he goes, I go

It’s been a Dank Farrik kinda year

So we’ve been quested to bring holiday cheer

To all the foundling boys and girls

So keep chilling just like a Mando Snowman

We want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is the way!

May the force be strong with you this holiday season!

Thanks for all your continued support!

Love you guys!!


This year has been a rough and challenging one on all of us. Make sure to take time an appreciate all your friends, family and loved ones. I am deeply grateful to have all of you in my life. You all add value to my life in so many ways. I also appreciate your continued interest and support with my artwork.

I hope you all have an intensely satisfying Be a-Artur loving’ day!

Love you guys!

Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern Sketch Cover Painting Stage 6

Here is the last stage for this piece.

I started by painting in the black glove area first. Then I painted the ring and added the glow burst. Next I went around the logo with white uni Posca paint marker to give it a cleaner outline. Lastly I painted the outer green glow aura fx around the whole body and touched up the outline areas.