Thursday’s preview night was full of excitement and enthusiasm as the doors opened to start the 3 1/2 day show. There was a continuous flow of people looking to see what each exhibitor had to offer the convention crowd. 

 Friday started later and went later. The day went by fast. I always enjoy the people who stop by the table and chat while enjoying the artwork and merchandise on display for them. My neighbor to the left of me was Mike Serensen who makes Steampunk props and costume accessories. He is a very gifted craftsman. My neighbor to the right of me was Jeff of the comic series Lackluster.

 Saturday and Sunday brought the welcome return of con attendees I had the pleasure of meeting last year back to my table for a visit this year. I remember each one of them. They stopped by to see what I had new for the con this year. While they were there I shared with them completed pages for the up coming Tales of Blood & Fire issue #1. I explained the new technique I was using to produce the artwork.The reaction to the finished pages as awesome!

 Saturday was met with quite the surprise as Mr. Lavar Burton walked by our table. While he passed by our table we were able to get his attention and give him our #0 issue. Mr. Burton was very down to earth, friendly, polite and respectful as he took time to shake our hands and speak to us for a moment before he went to lunch. While he was there he mentioned he was working on his own comic book for Dark Horse. We were invited to stop by his table to pick up a picture of him later after lunch. When we got to his table, once again a friendly hand shake and a thank you for the comic we had given him. He autographed a picture for the both of us. Thank you Lavar for your kindness. 

My table was so busy, that I couldn’t make my way around the whole convention floor. But the few exhibitors, comic creators, writers and artist, I was able to met are all talented people. The costumes this year were great! 

As the convention drew to an end, it ended in cheers! It was no time to head back to the California desert I call home.

Phoenix Comicon was a BLAST!!! A huge thank you to all of you who stopped by our table, your support is appreciated!!! Look forward to next years show!!!