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Remembering my life hero today! Prince has had a profound impact on my life in so many ways. When creating my personal artwork or working on commissions, Prince is a huge part of my creative process. Listening to his music helps to fuel my creativity. I remember discovering his music during Junior High School. The Controversy Album was out at that time. I listened to it and has hooked instantly to his purple punk funk music. I’m definitely blessed to have seen him in concert many manny times!

This year I have an Art Gallery Exhibit currently running and couldn’t think of a better exclusive piece to create than the combination of comic books and Prince, two of my favorite influences in life. Here is one version of Partyman 2.0 created in honor of my life hero! 

Happy 60th Birthday Prince!

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Here is the finished Partyman 2.0 an exclusive art piece for my art gallery exhibit “The Unique Realm of Pepe Melan” which started yesterday with an opening reception at the Palmdale Playhouse. I throughly enjoyed talking about the process, technique and time it takes to create piece of my artwork. I am very honored, humbled and deeply appreciate everyone who took the time to attend the opening reception! Your support means the world to me, Thank you!!

The Art Gallery Exhibit runs from May 3 – July 8, 2018. For more information, please check here http://www.palmdaleplayhouse.com


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