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I’ve been meaning to post this earlier, but been busy knocking out commissions and working on my indie comic magazine. I have 3 pieces of artwork on display at the Generations Art Exhibit which is currently running now through Monday, October 29. Everyone’s artwork on display can be seen at Legacy Commons and Palmdale Playhouse.

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For the one year anniversary of the passing of Prince, The Prince Army teamed up with Steve Parke for a chance to win his the upcoming book Picturing Prince. A total of fifteen winners would be selected out of the entries. For a chance to win the book you had to create any type of art inspired by Prince and tell why you created the art. I learned on Friday, May 5, 2017 that I had been choosen as one of the winners. I’m very honored and humbled to be part of the group of winners. It’s fantastic seeing all the different styles of creativity inspired by the man who touched our lives so profoundly! Mr. Parke took the time to comment on each of the winners artwork and why he chose it. Thanks you Prince Army and Steve Parke for putting this contest together! 

Here is a link to see the artwork of all the winners of the Picturing Prince contest.

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It’s amazing how fast time flies by. Today marks one year since the passing of my life hero Prince. I listen to his music while creating personal art or working on freelance projects. Prince will always be a strong influence in my creative process. I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit with society. Discovering Prince when I was in Junior High was a huge blessing for me. Not only was his dress and music unique, he didn’t care if he fitted in either. He just did what he loved regardless of what anyone thought which is a great message for a young person to learn to apply to their personal life into adult hood. Prince’s music always makes me feel at home and part of a unique family. Just got these 3RDEYE Prince sunglasses a few days ago and I made the symbol guitar for my halloween costume last year. This artwork is created in Prince’s honor of what he means to me.  Peace B wild!

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Here is the Prince portrait illustration pencils all finished up. Can’t decide if I want to traditionally paint this or scan and digitally paint. I like the way the pencils came out so I’m leaning more towards scanning and digitally paint with limited colors.

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June 7th, 2016 is Prince’s Birthday. Here is a tribute piece I designed for

#PRINCEDAY-Celebrating the Music, Life and Legacy of a Legend!


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