The car was packed and ready to go….now it was time for Tony and I to pick up Semion and head down to Anaheim for WonderCon.

Friday stared with a bang. I ran into friends of the family that I haven’t see in many years. What better place to run into Michelle and Tina after all these years. Michelle was exhibiting and Tina was there to help her. After I ran into Michelle and Tina , I made I way into the convention hall with Tony and Semion to set up the table. Friday had the best crowd energy from the time the doors opened to the end of the day. Nothing like a positive energy vibe for the start of a convention. After Friday’s show we went to have dinner with Lance and Amy Sawyer.

Saturday was extremely busy as expected. Stayed at the table most of the day. I did have a change to venture out to see all my friends exhibiting. So many people in the convention hall made it hard to get around. After seeing all my friends, I made it back to my table and worked on a few commissions. I also worked on 501ST Legion Artist Series sketch cards for Star Wars Celebration VI, 2012. After the convention was over, we headed to hang out with Dan Mendoza, Jason Metcalf, Lindsey Lea and Jason Martin.

Sunday brought a great breakfast of tamales and coffee from Donnie, Patty and DJ. One of the most hospitable family I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. After an awesome breakfast it was time to head down for the last day of the convention. Parking was crazy busier than any other day and we had to park at Angle Statium. Sunday was also extremely busy. Sunday flew by very fast…before I knew it the convention was over. I also scored a donation from Michelle Mauk for the Baby Leah auction. A Hugh THANK YOU to Michelle for the donation!!!

Already looking forward to next years WonderCon!!!

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